9 Ways to Save Over $50,000

What can you change in your life to help save $50,000 (or more)? How difficult is it to cut costs while living in NYC as a Millennial? How would your life change if we told you how to save over $200,000 in the next 5 years? Imagine the possibilities!

  1. Buying coffee every morning Vs Making coffee at home
    5 Year Savings: $2,900


2. Buying lunch every day Vs Bringing lunch to work
5 Year Savings: $20,000


3. Juul Pods Vs No Juul Pods
5 Year Savings: $5,100


4. Going out weekly Vs Every other week
5 Year Savings: $16,500


5. Luxury Rental Vs Standard Rental w/ Doorman & Elevator
5 Year Savings: $132,000


6. Weekly Date Night Vs Cooking Dinner at Home
5 Year Savings: $28,000


7. Luxury Gym Vs Standard Gym
5 Year Savings: $6,500


8. Cable TV Vs Netflix + HBO Go
5 Year Savings: $1,500


9. Monthly Shopping Budget Vs Cutting Budget in Half
5 Year Savings: $18,000


At the end of the day it may not be practical to cut all 9 of these costs out of your life. What we recommend is choosing just 1 that is easiest for you. See how it goes for a few months then cutting down on another cost until you see yourself reaching your saving goals and then some.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals! Email or call us to find out how you can move into a $1,000,000 apartment just by bringing your lunch to work.